Welcome to the VATFrance charts system

Here, you'll be able to find all the charts for almost all French airports, and, if avalaible, a pilot briefing.
You can scroll down the list and click on the chart you are interested in, or type in the search box above the 4 characters ICAO code for the airport that you need. You can also type only the 2 last character of the ICAO code, for example, for "LFPG", only type "PG". All charts are up to date, currently running cycle 1703.

Here is a little help with the meaning of the chart names:
- ALL: A bundle of all the charts of the airport.
- BRIEFING: A special for-vatsim pilot briefing.
- OACI, ADC, GMC: Ground movement charts
- APDC: Parking charts
- TEXT, DATA: Text data and information
- SID, STAR: SID and STAR charts
- IAC: Approach and transitons charts

Terms & conditions

All charts are property of the Service de l'Information aéronautique.
Charts are not to be used for real world navigation
VATFrance will not be held responsible for your usage of the charts.
VATFrance reserves the rights to change those terms & conditions without prior notice.
By using this service, you agree to those terms & conditions.